Wildlife & Flora


Your first sweeping glance across the playa to the mountains beyond may give you the impression that this is barren land. But the truth is Black Rock High Rock country is full of life – from tiny flowers to tree-lined ridges, fish-filled rivers to eagles soaring high.


As one of the most wild and untouched areas left in the U.S., the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area (NCA) offers rare encounters with iconic animals like bighorn sheep and golden eagles, as well as some surprising species you may not have imagined finding here.

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From algae, lichen, and fungi to grasses, shrubs, and trees, plants in the NCA stabilize the soil, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and much more. And every spring and summer, hundreds of wildflower species (including one you’ll only find here) put on a spectacular show.

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Noxious Weeds

Unfortunately, the NCA is also home to a number of invasive, non-native weed species, officially classified as “noxious” by the State of Nevada. By reporting these weeds and keeping them from spreading, you can play a crucial role in protecting these beautiful public lands.

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