Sutcliffe Inn

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The Sutcliffe Inn restaurant started advertising in 1929.

The Washoe County Assessor's website states that the Sutcliffe Inn building was built in 1972.[1]

In the 1970's, Ann Renslow was associated with the Inn.[2]

In 1984, the Sutcliffe Inn and Crosby Lodge were put on the market for $1.8 million (equivalent to about $5.1 in 2022).[3] The Sutcliffe Inn was owned by Herb Capurro, his son-in-law, Fred Crosby (age 37), owned Crosby Lodge.

In 1986, Christina Rivers and Dawn Landucci had a beer and wine license at the inn.[4]

In 2022, the Sutcliffe Inn is located on the same property as the Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch.


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