Stormy Day Mine

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The Stormy Day Mine (also known as the Old Thrasher Mine) was discovered in 1941 by Helen Thrasher and John James Thrasher.<ref>Joseph V. Tingley, "R043: Mineral resources of the Kumiva Peak 30" by 60" quadrangle," writes that another name for the Stormy Day Mine is The Old Thrasher Mine.</ref><ref> Clayton M. Rumsey, "Mineral Resources of the Mt Limbo Wilderness Study Area and Vicinity, Pershing County, Nevada," 1986. Mentions Helen Thrasher and that the Thrasher Mine as being north of the Mt. Limbo area.</ref><ref>A. C. Johnson, "Exploration, Development, and Costs of the Stormy Day Tungsten Mine, Pershing County, Nev.," 1958. Recounts the discovery and ownership of the Stormy Day mine. Includes a diagram of the mine.</ref><ref>"A Mineral Survey: Modoc Mines and Exploration, Hooker Mining District," 1954.</ref><ref>Jay A. Carpenter, Byron S. Hardie, "Notes on Washoe County Reconnaisance Trip," 1946. UNR has photos from this trip.</ref> The Stormy Day Mine is located north of Mt. Limbo in the Selenite Range.

The Stormy Day Mine is located at 40.43738 -119.29211,<ref>"Stormy Day Mine," USGS</ref> which is located at Limbo.

Tungsten Properties in the Gerlach Area (1943).<ref>M.R. Klepper, C.W. Chesterman, "Tungsten Properties in the Gerlach Area," Map, University of Nevada, Reno, KC-Special Collections, 1943.</ref> The location of the Stormy Day Mine is shown.