Staggs Mining District

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The Staggs Mining District located south of the Trego Mining District and north of the Blue Wing Mining District.<ref name="Tingley1998">Joseph V. Tingley, "Mining Districts of Nevada," Report 47, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, 1998, 2nd Edition. See map for details.</ref>

The Lava Beds are in the Staggs Mining District<ref>H.F. Bonham, Jr., L.J. Garside, R.B. Jones, K.G. Papke, J.Quade, and J.V. Tingle, OF1985-03: A mineral inventory of the Paradise-Denio -- and Sonoma-Gerlach Resource Areas, Winnemucca District, Nevada," p. 166, 1985.</ref>

Mines in the area include:

  • Arcturus Mine (sometimes in the Trego Mining District)
  • Hilltop Mine
  • Sage Hen Mine<ref>John H. Schilling, "Tungsten Mines in Nevada," Map 87, 1963. Superseded by B105 and M87.</ref><ref>Harold K. Stager, Joseph V. Tingley, "Tungsten Deposits of Nevada," Map 87, 1985.</ref>
  • Twin Buttes Mine Sec. 1, T30N,R26E. R43
  • The Garrett and Windy Hill mines, S19 and S21 T32N,R27E.




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