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Sheepshead was located west of the Smoke Creek Desert.


  • GNIS
    • Citation: "Carlson, Helen S., 'Nevada Place Names, A Geographical Dictionary,' Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 1974, 282 pp. Reference work giving historical background on place names in Nevada. p114"
      • p. 20 of Carlson says that Sheepshead Ranch was named for Sheepshead Springs, "which got its name from the head of a mountain sheep nailed to a tree at the site"
      • The Sheepshead post office was in operation from March 28, 1879 until March 15, 1926.
      • Variants are "Sheep Head" and "Sheephead".
  • The 1880 Census mentions "Sheep Head".
  • Granite Range (1894, Rp. 1923) (UNR) shows "Sheep-head Spring"
  • 1895 U.S. Atlas - Washoe County shows "Sheephead"
  • 1896 Post Route Map shows "Sheephead" 2 miles north of "Pyramide (n.o)" and 26? miles south of Salt Marsh (n.o.)