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Sheepshead was located west of the Smoke Creek Desert.


"SHEEPSHEAD. A postoffice on Smoke Creek, 20 miles north of Sand pass, the shipping point on Vv P Ry, 36 miles north· east of Amdee Cal, and 71 miles north of Reno, the county seat and banking point. Stockraising is the principaL occupation.

      • Population 50. Martha Ross, Postmaster.
      • Bailey Ed, stage
      • Bonham Bros, cattle dlrs
      • Bonbam Maud, milliner
      • Christensen & Nelson, salt mfrs
      • Cornell Eaton, fanner
      • Hager Chas, rancher
      • Heller Bros, salt mfrs
      • Heller Margaret, dresmkr
      • Hom Arthur, cigars and tobacco
      • Laird Ed, horse dlr
      • Mott Roy, farmer
      • Norton H L, notary public
      • Parker W T, farmer
      • Rogers Chas, horse dlr
      • Ross Martha, postmaster, hotel and stock raising
      • Ross Wm, Farmer
  • Find-a-grave Ross Francis Bonham b.1888, Sheepshead, d. 1966