Sevenmile Spring

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Sevenmile Spring is located on the western shore of Winnemucca Lake.

"The Diary of Joe F. Triplett", Nevada Historical Society 1959. May 22, 1862:

"Traveled North twenty miles. No signs. Turned east, crossed low range of granite hills to Mud Lake, the sink of the east branch of Truckee. Owing to the soft and miry nature of the ground could not get our horses to the lake, so we traveled north ten miles to Lost Springs. Plenty of grub, but the springs are only holes-in-the-ground, not large enough to put a bucket in; improvised a pump by tying strings into the rim of an old wool hat (like boys string kites), then with a long pole pressed into the crown of the hat we soon raised water for ourselves and our half-famished horses. 50 head of cattle."


  • GNIS Sevenmile Spring
    • Alternate: Seven Mile Spring Citation: "'Washoe and Storey Counties, Nevada', Oakland: Harry Freese, no date (approx 1950s), scale 1 inch=4 miles. Nevada Historical Society Retrieval Number 'Maps Misc. 261'. Historic map of the county showing geographic names."
  • GNIS Sevenmile Canyon
  • Washoe County 1948: Shows "Seven Mile Spring".