San Emidio Geothermal Plant

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The San Emidio Geothermal Plant has a capacity of 11.8 MW. It is located in the San Emidio Desert, southwest of Empire.

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"San Emidio, Nevada"

"The Phase I power plant at San Emidio is located approximately 100 miles north of Reno, Nevada and achieved commercial operation on May 25, 2012. Generation from the facility during the fourth quarter 2013 totaled 21,103 megawatt-hours, with an average of 9.72 net megawatts per hour of operation. Plant availability was 98.3% during the quarter. Generation for the year was 76,696 megawatt-hours with annual plant availability of 94.5%."

"The Company entered into agreements with Science Applications International Corporation ("SAIC") for a project loan and an engineering procurement and construction ("EPC") contract for the San Emidio Phase I power plant repower. SAIC's design-build subsidiary, SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure LLC, constructed a new 9.0 net megawatt power plant, replacing the old 3.6 net megawatt power plant. TAS Energy of Houston, Texas, supplied a modular power plant to the project. Phase I achieved mechanical completion in December 2011, and following performance testing of the power plant, which began in early May 2012, achieved commercial operation on May 25, 2012. SAIC provided its services under a fixed price contract that included financial guarantees for the original completion date and power output of the plant."

"Phase I plant completed its capacity testing during the first quarter of 2013, and as a result of the capacity test exceeding the design output: the plant was up-rated to 9.0 megawatt net annual average per hour from the design point basis of 8.6 megawatts."

"Substantial Completion under the contract was achieved February 21, 2013. Final Completion under the terms of the EPC was executed on June 24, 2013."

"A final settlement agreement was executed as part of Substantial Completion and included a fixed total construction loan payable to the EPC contractor of $29.5 million. Prior to Substantial Completion, the Company had paid down the loan balance by $1.0 million in three monthly payments. Upon Substantial Completion, a payment of $1.35 million was made to SAIC, and the construction loan was extended until November 15, 2013 with a balance of $25.0 million carrying an interest rate of 10%. Additionally, a $2.0 million, 5 year term, unsecured loan was put in place for the balance of the construction loan. This loan bears interest at 7% and has a payment obligation of $119,382 per quarter."