Rotten Egg Spring

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Rotten Egg Spring is located on the western edge of the Smoke Creek Desert, north of Round Hole.

Thompson and West (1881) state "Six miles south of Sheep Head is a spring called Buck, or Bull, Spring, and six miles farther south is Rotten Egg Spring, a name peculiarly appropriate, so extremely disagreeable is the water both to the smell and taste."[1]

Garside and Schilling (1979)[2] cite Waring (1965)[3] who cites Russell (1885)[4]. Waring stated that Rotten Egg Spring produced 10 gallons per minute at 92F and that the spring smelled strongly of H2S.


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External Resources

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    • Citation: "U.S. Geological Survey. Geographic Names Post Phase I Map Revisions. Various editions. 01-Jan-2000."