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Roop is a historical location close to the California border.[1] It is also known as Smoke Creek Station.

"Roop which is also known as Smoke Creek is situated in the central portion of Washoe County on its western boundary line one hundred and twenty five miles from Reno.(a) Roop was settled about 1860 and took its name from Roop County which was formerly the northern division of what is now Washoe County (b) Roop County in turn took its name from Isaac Roop (c) who was elected Governor under the Provisional Territorial Government by the people of Western Utah in 1859(d).

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"b. Authority of Mr JH Smith Buffalo Meadows Nevada"

"c. Miss MA Taylor of Reno says that Mr Roop had two daughters Jane and Susan for whom Janesville and Susanville in California were named."

"d. Bancroft History of Nevada Colorado and Wyoming 164"[2]

This location is probably different than Roop Siding, which was north of Pyramid Lake.


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