Robbers Roost

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Robbers Roost is located just east of the California/Nevada border near Smoke Creek Station.


  • GNIS
    • Citation: "U.S. Geological Survey. Geographic Names Post Phase I Map Revisions. Various editions. 01-Jan-2000."
  • Jeffrey D. Johnson, "Julia’s Unequivocal Nevada Klampout #32" (2011). Brief mention of Robbers Roost.
  • Modern photo of Robbers Roost
  • Snake War (Wikipedia) Smoke Creek Station, located "Near Robbers Roost, Nevada A temporary Army post that was intermittently occupied. Located near the Smoke Creek Depot (or Smoke Creek Station) on the Honey Lake stage route. The site is not shown on most maps, but it was located five miles from the state line west of Smoke Creek Desert and north of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation."
  • Fairfield, "Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California," "How Robber's Creek Got Its Name", 1916. Not clear if this is the same Robber.