Red Butte Mining District

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The Red Butte Mining District is located on the south of the Jackson Range<ref name="Tingley1998">Joseph V. Tingley, "Mining Districts of Nevada," Report 47, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, 1998, 2nd Edition. (Dead link, see See [ map for details.</ref><ref>Frederick Leslie Ransome, "Notes on Some Mining Districts in Humboldt County, Nevada," USGS Bulletin 414, 1919.</ref>.

Lincoln (1923) states that the district was discovered by A. D. Ramel in 1907, antimony was found in 1909? though antimony ore shipped in 1905 and copper ore in 1916<ref>Francis Church Lincoln, "Mining Districts and Mineral Resources of Nevada," Verdi, Nev.: Nevada Newsletter Publishing Co., p. 102, 1923.</ref>.

In 1909, copper was discovered at Red Butte <ref name="willden1963">Ronald Willden, "General Geology of the Jackson Mountains Humboldt County, Nevada," Geological Survey Bulletin 1141-D, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 1963</ref>.


  • Green Elephant Mine
  • Krug Mine
  • Red Ball Mines
  • Red Butte Mine
  • Stroud Mine



External Resources

Photos at the Humboldt Historical Society

  • Craven Copper Co 1918. Mining District Red Butt Mining District on West Slope of the Jackson Range Fifteen miles north of sulphur
  • Headrame shaft house Craven COpper Co 1912
  • Mining District, Red Butte, #3 (Postcard on back)
  • Craven Copper Co Mine at Copper Queen Mine in Red Butte, NV, 1920
  • Silver Lead Palmers about 1924 Jackson Mt East of Cravens and Red Butte Probably Matt Hovich
  • Rattlesnake Red Butte District Keystone Drilling Outfit 1912 (Postcard) Mining District Red Butte #13
  • Headframe and Engine Houe Copper Queen Min Red Butte Dist.