Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch

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Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch was located in Sutcliffe at the site of the now former Sutcliffe Inn.

The Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch was started in 1878 by the Sutcliffe family.<ref>"Thoroughbred Horses Prove They Can Take the Gaff Right Along with 'Cow Ponies'," Basil Swoon, Nevada State Journal, July 31, 1955.</ref>

Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch was a place where people could stay to gain Nevada residency so as to get a divorce.

From 1945-1956, Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch was leased by Harry Drackert. Harry Drackert married Joan Abry Deeley in 1950 and they both managed a series of guest ranches.<ref>"Harry Wilmot Drackert Papers," Collection No. 91-49. University of Nevada Reno.</ref>

A. J. Liebling wrote a three articles in the 1950's about the area for the New Yorker magazine that mention the ranch. Liebling states that Wallie Warren stated that the ranch was 40 acres owned by Sutcliffe, that there was a court ruling against Sutcliffe and that he paid a fee to regularize his holdings.<ref>Abbott Joseph Liebling, "A Reporter at Large: Dateline--Pyramid Lake, Nevada," p. 7.</ref>

In 1956, management of the ranch was taken over by Alva "Beau" Kitselman, whose family had owned the ranch for 20 years.<ref>"Kitselman to Manage Ranch at Sutcliffe," Reno Evening Gazette, October 4, 1956.</ref>

In 1961, Marjorie Tucker was given permission to operate the bar.<ref>"Board Approves Bar Licenses," July 5, 1961, Reno Evening Gazette.</ref>



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