Paiute Meadows

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Paiute Meadows is a ranch located on the northeast arm of the Black Rock Desert, south of Battle Creek Ranch.

In November, 1865, a battle occurred near Paiute Meadows.

In the 1870s E. W. Crutcher owned Paiute or Piute Meadows.[1] Elliot Waller Crutcher's wife's name was Sarah Elizabeth.[2]

In 1879, a Chinese man was killed in a case of justifiable homicide at Paiute Meadows.[1]

In the 1880s, Crutcher sold his cattle business to Miller and Lux for $245,000.[2]

Miller and Lux owned Paiute Meadows in 1911.[3][4]

Miller and Lux sold Paiute Meadows, Battle Creek and Bartlett Creek in 1926 to W.A. Johnstone and son, Sam Johnstone, who in turn sold to Porter in 1945.[5]

In 1999 it was reported that Irv Brown had bought the ranch in the late 1940s.[6][7]


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