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The Granite Creek Ranch is located on Highway 34, about 5 miles from Gerlach(Wheeler) at the mouth of Bowen Canyon. At one time, Granite Creek Ranch was known as Granite Creek Station and Camp McKee. Granite Creek Station was established in 1864. In March, 1865, an Indian and three whites were murdered at Granite Creek Station. Litch abandoned the station in 1867.

(Note that the Valley of the Mud Lakes 1855 map from the 1854 expedition of Edward Griffin Beckwith has a "Granite Creek" east side of the Black Rock Desert. Today, this is known as "Granite Springs Wash"[1])

Bancroft (1890) lists Granite Creek as one of the towns and settlements in Humboldt County.[2]

In 1913, N. C. Bowen had Granite Cove Creek examined for water rights.[3]


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