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* [[Mining]]
* [[Mining]]
== References ==
* "[http://newspaperarchive.com/us/nevada/reno/nevada-state-journal/1910/02-14/page-3 Tells Promise of Black Rock]," Nevada State Journal, February 14, 1910. Mr. C. L. Rowley ([https://archive.org/stream/13thcensus1910po858unit#page/n1133/mode/1up 1910 Census]) drilled the well for the W.P.R.R. near [[Sulphur]].

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27-013-04999 Humboldt 0 Western Pacific Railroad Co. Sulphur-M.P. 474.67 35N Map 29E 1909 1909 D & A 970 Possible oil show at 845-875 ft, although samples examined at the University of Nevada appear to be a refined product. Water zones at 440-455 ft, 495-510 ft, and 560-670 ft. Well tested to 60 GPM of water. This well was put down at the Western Pacific st
27-013-05000 Humboldt 0 Black Rock Oil,Gas,Refining & Development Co. No. 1 13 35N Map 29E NW/4; NW/4; NE/4 00 DEC 21 00 DEC 21 P & A 800 Drilled near the Western Pacific Railroad Co. Sulphur-M.P.474.67 well.
27-031-00000 Washoe 0 Smoke Creek Desert, Nevada Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 32N Map Map 21E 1920s
27-027-00000 Pershing 0 Trego Well, Black Rock Desert, Nevada Trego Well 34N Map 25E A 1500 Lithologic log in file titled Trego Well, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, T34N, R25E, 4.5 miles due north of Trego and 18 miles northeast of Gerlach, Pershing County. This is all of the information currently available.
27-013-05002 Humboldt 347 Sun Exploration & Production Co. King Lear Federal No. 1-17 17 37N map 29E SW/4 SW/4 600 S,555 W 06 JAN 83 04 JUN 83 P & A 7,931 3,950 Core analysis available at NBMG. Oil show reported from core analysis at 6880-7052 ft and was detected as yellow and gold specular fluorescence. Very slightly gas-cut mud reported from DST at 6894-6930 ft.

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