Ogle Swingle

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Ogle Swingle owned claims at Leadville and owned the 7Z Ranch.


  • Image of Petrified stump "6 1/2 miles north of Leadville, Washoe County. 56 inches diameter, 84 inches high. These sections made by Ogle Swingle in 1939 in preparation for shipment to San Francisco Fair. 18 May 1946." However, there is no record of the sections appearing a the fair.
    • However, an image from 1910 shows the stump being in sections. The image at the top of p. 59 of Christopher Brooks', "Black Rock Desert" is wa-6252 from the Nevada Historical Society. The photocopy of the image in the index binder says "Jim Raser - At Petrified Forest". The rest of the text is difficult to read, but the authors copy says "c. 1910". So, the cuts were probably made before 1910.
    • In 2013, Donald Jeakins wrote that Ogle Swingle had nothing to do with cutting the stump (Email to Christopher Brooks).