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* Maps
** [http://contentdm.library.unr.edu/u?/hmaps,1369 section 22, T38R22E] (1906-1912)
*** Section 27 O.D. Van Norman (See also [[Van Norman Springs]]) [http://nvshpo.org/component/census/?view=demographic&id=129411&limitstart=0 1910 Census has O.D. Vannorman] at [[Deep Hole]].  [http://nvshpo.org/component/census/?view=demographic&id=129431&limitstart=0 1910 Census has Otto Vannorman]] at [[Gerlach]]

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O.D. Van Norman was one of the members of the 1911 posse that hunted down Mike Daggett's family.[1]

In 1925, Van Norman was quoted about James Raser.


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