Nugent Springs

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Nugent Springs is located in the Lake Range to the west of Winnemucca Lake at 40.1523326, -119.3956275,<ref>Nugent Springs," GNIS.</ref> which is S4 T26N R23E.

"Nugent's Ranch" is shown in the 1913 Plat.<ref>"T26N R23E Plat," BLM, 1913.</ref>

Nugent Springs is possibly named after Pyramid Lake Agent Hugh Nugent.<ref>Sally Zanjani, "Sarah Winnemucca"</ref>



    • Alternate Name: Nugent Spring: Citation: "Bureau of Land Management (BLM) maps other than 1:100,000-scale and 1:126,720-scale (1/2 inch = 1 mile). The name and year of publication follow (if known): Salem Westside Recreation Map 1996 Kumiva Peak/1978" Note that Salem Westdside Recreation Map is probably a typo.