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This page consists of brief descriptions of mining efforts in the area

Oil Wells in the Black Rock Desert Region

See Oil Wells.

Black Rock Oil, Gas, Refining and Developing Company

Stock was sold for $0.10/share in 1921. The Nevada Historical Society has a stock certificate.

Reuters Stock Descriptions


Allied Nevada Gold Corp. (Allied Nevada)

Incorporated on September 14, 2006, ... owns the Hycroft mine, ...

The Hycroft mine and related facilities are located 54 miles west of Winnemucca, Nevada. The mine is under care and maintenance. The project encompasses 12,230 acres, including both patented and unpatented claims. From inception in 1987 until suspension of mining operations in December 1998, the Hycroft mine has produced over one million ounces of gold. In January 2006, Vista Gold had announced results of a feasibility study for the possible restart of operations at the Hycroft mine. The Brimstone deposit contains an estimated 52.7 million tons of gold mineralized material at a grade of 0.019 ounces of gold per ton. The Hycroft mine is located on the western flank of the Kamma Mountains. The deposit is hosted in a volcanic eruptive breccia and conglomerates associated with the Tertiary Kamma Mountain volcanics. ...


"The Wildcat project is located about 35 miles northwest of Lovelock and 26 miles south of the Hycroft mine in Pershing County, Nevada. The project consists of 74 unpatented claims and four patented claims, comprising 1389.6 acres. The Wildcat project lies in the Seven Troughs Range, which is underlined by Triassic and Jurassic sedimentary rocks and has been intruded by Cretaceous granodiorite. ..."

Mountain View

"The Mountain View property is located in northwest Nevada near the Blackrock Desert. The property is approximately 15 miles northwest of Gerlach, Nevada in Washoe County. The property consists of 127 claims with a total area of approximately 2,360 acres. ..."

Mining Districts

Tingley 1998 lists the following mining districts[1]:

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Historical Resources

  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Rich Niter Deposit Near State Line," June 8, 1911, p. 3. Niter or Saltpeter was found 18 miles from Gerlach. The discovery was kept secret until a government geologist could examine the find.
  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Drill For Potash on Nevada Desert," December 10, 1914, p 4. WW I cut off German supply of Potash, H.S. Gale, member of the Government Survey, was to supervise drilling with the assistance of Prof J.C. Jones from UNR. See Trego and File:TregoMap1913.png.


  1. Joseph V. Tingley, "Mining Districts of Nevada," 1998, 2nd Edition. (Dead link, see See [ map for details.