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** [[Friends of Nevada Wilderness]]
** [[Friends of Nevada Wilderness]]
** [[Gerlach/Empire Citizen Advisory Board]]
** [[Gerlach/Empire Citizen Advisory Board]]
** [[Gerlach General Improvement District (GGID)]]
** [[Gerlach General Improvement District | Gerlach General Improvement District (GGID)]]
** [[Gerlach Senior Citizens Center]]
** [[Gerlach Senior Citizens Center]]
** [[Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department]]
** [[Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department]]

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Ormat Gerlach Geothermal Exploration Map from December 2021. See Gerlach Geothermal Development Project.

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The Tohakum2 fire is shown in this satellite image from https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/ dated September 1, 2017. In this image, the burn scar can be seen running north east from Pyramid Lake, crossing highway 447 and the Selenite Range. See Satellite for how to get recent images