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Blue Wing Mountain Nevada, RAWS weather station, September 2003 photos of area surrounding station

U.S. v. GERLACH LIVE STOCK CO., 339 U.S. 725 (1950)

Outside Magazine, November 1998, Ode to a Buck-Naked Cowboy, Is there poetry — or adventure — to be found among the silver sage, flat tires, and unlikely characters of the Black Rock Desert? Maybe., By Tim Cahill

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  • David Rumsey Maps

  • western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis)

National Landscape Conservation System, Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area

  • -- THE GENUS VESPERISPIRA (GASTROPODA: PLEUROTOMARIOIDEA) FROM THE PERMIAN OF TWO DISPLACED TERRANES, WESTERN UNITED STATES, Thomas E. Yancey, Ellen E. Strong and Rex A. Hanger, ... "This new gastropod genus occurs within an unnamed formation of Early Permian age in the Pine Forest Range of northwestern Nevada ... has been recovered from four horizons within the upper half of a 62 m thick section (the lower carbonate member of Wyld's (1990), Permian limestone and clastic formation) in Buckaroo Canyon, sampled and studied by Strong (1991, Strong 1992). Buckaroo Canyon is located 16 km west of Quinn River Crossing, in Humboldt County. The mollusc-bearing deposits in the unit are debris-flow beds, emplaced in deeper water settings. They contain a limited variety of brachiopods, bryozoans, and corals in addition to many molluscs