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Limbo is located south of Empire.

Mount Limbo

"DGN, AMS Lovelock 1:250; in connection with Purgatory Peak (q.v.); description is in agreement with application on county map and Kumiva Peak 2SE 1:24 preliminary quad; the field engineer suggested the entire mile long summit be named Mt. Limbo, but staff feels the ridge is not distinct enough from the surrounding terrain and therefore the name should continue to be applied only to the peak; not in UNSF"[1]

Appears as Mt. Limbo in the 1954 Pershing County Map[1]


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  • GNIS Limbo
    • Nevada': National Map Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, no date (map states it uses data from the 1920 census, and the acquisition data by the Nevada Historical Society was 1923). Full color map showing railroads, mountains, roads, communities, and springs, at scale of 1 inch=11 miles.
  • GNIS Mount Limbo
  • 1919 Nevada Highway Map
  • November, 1895, Frank Messer and Indian Frank Jones killed at Limbo
  • Thursday, January 30, 1896. Monico Escheverria, in jail in Winnemucca, charged with the Limbo killing, released on bail.