Leonard Creek Mining District

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The Leonard Creek Mining District is located at the north end of the east arm of the Black Rock Desert. To the east is the Varyville Mining District, to the west is the Dyke Mining District.[1]

Josie Pearl's mine is located here.

Vanderburg (1938) writes: "The Leonard Creek placer district is in northwest Humboldt County at the south end of the Pine Forest Range, 95 miles by road northwest of Winnemucca, Nev., which is the nearest railroad and supply center. The first discovery of placer gold was made in 1914 by Lee Curry. The placers in this area have been intermittently worked by sluices and rockers. No accurate figures are available on·the amount of placer gold produced, but, according to Curry and Alley, the production has been about $5,000. When the writer visited the district in June 1937 there was very little placer activity in the district." There is a further description about the details of the Mattinson, Basin and Montero Placers.[2]


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