Leonard Creek

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Leonard Creek is located in the north east arm of the Black Rock Desert. Leonard Creek Ranch and Leonard Creek Mining District are named for Leonard Creek.

Weatherlow Creek

A variant name is Weatherlow Creek, which appears in a 1874 map and is mentioned in a 1867-1868 report[1][2]

Presumably, Weatherlow Creek was named after Captain Weatherlow. When Peter Lassen was killed, he was expecting to meet Weatherlow.[3]



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  • Variant: "Weatherlow Creek. Citation: Degroot's Map of Nevada Territory, exhibiting a portion of southern Oregon and eastern California, with county boundaries, mining districts, etc.: 1863, scale 1 inch=12.25 miles. Warren Holt, Publisher, 305 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif. Entered according to an act of Congress in the year 1862 by Warren Holt in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Northern District of California, R. Jordan."