Laird Spring

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Laird Spring is located on the west side of the Smoke Creek Desert. Bonham Ranch is located to the south, Sheepshead is located to the north.

Edward Laird

A post to says that Edward Laird was murdered in 1917. However, the Polk's Reno city, Washoe County and Carson City directory (1921) has a "Laird Ed" living in nearby Sheepshead.


  • GNIS 40° 21' 48.55" N, 119° 49' 48.84" W, S22 T29N R19E
  • Reno Evening Gazette, January 14, 1889. Warren and Ed Laird were indicted for cattle stealing turned themselves in and were locked up. Bail was set at $6000.
  • Reno Evening Gazette, September 25, 1890. Ed Laird in Rodeo.
  • Reno Weekly Gazette And Stockman, p4. October 24, 1895. Ed. Laird came to town and reported that A. A. Smith tried to poison him with strychnine.
  • Daily Nevada State Journal, p3, Friday, October 25, 1895. A. A. Smith arrested and charged with the attempted poisoning of Ed Laird, Amonico Escheveria and three Indians. Smith states that he is innocent and "a gang out in that country have been trying to run him off for some time"
  • October 31, 1895. A. A. Smith charged with attempted poisoning.
  • December 12, 1895. Ed Laird brought in from Round Hole and went on to Winnemucca as a witness against "M. Echeverria" who was charged with killing two men at Limbo
  • Reno, Washoe Cty, Nevada 1920-21 City Directory Page 234 Lists Bonham Bros. and Bonham, Maud (milliner) along with others.
    • "SHEEPSHEAD. A postoffice on Smoke Creek, 20 miles north of Sand pass, the shipping point on WP Ry, 36 miles northeast of Amdee Cal, and 71 miles north of Reno, the county seat and banking point. Stockraising is the principal occupation.
    • ...
    • Laird Ed, horse dlr
  • Edward Laird (
  • Laird Spring (Tom Green Photography) "gunned down in his cabin"
  • Ed Laird's Grave (
  • Laird Spring (