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(surveying the) Desert Area near Jungo Nevada 1931


  • http://nvghosttowns.topcities.com/humboldt/humlst.htm Jungo came into being in 1910 as a station when the Western Pacific Railroad was completed. Became the major shipping point for a huge area. A substantial town developed but by the 1930s, its usefulness was gone and Jungo faded. Since the 1940s, only a handful of hearty souls have lived here. A large hotel from the early days still stands as do a number of other buildings.

Jungo Flat

File:Jungo Hotel 1936.jpg
Jungo Hotel 1936

Jungo Hotel

Jungo Road

Jungo Road is the road from Winnemucca to Gerlach, also known as "High Road", and as Nevada Road #2048 (?)


  • Dayton Lummis, "Dust Devils," p. 72. By 1963, Jungo was deserted, but the hotel had not yet burned.
  • Helen S. Carlson, "Nevada Place Names," p. 147. The Jungo post office operated from January 31, 1911 until May 31, 1952.

Geology References

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