Jumbo Mine

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The Jumbo Mine is a former gold mine located in the Slumbering Hills region, 30 miles northwest of Winnemucca.[1]

The Jumbo Mine was discovered on January 29, 1935 by "Red" Staggs (b. 1892, d. 1985)[2] and Clyde Taylor, both from Fallon.[3]

In 1936, the mine was purchased by George Austin of Jungo for $10,000 with $500 down.

In 1936, mining engineer and former U.S. President Herbert Hoover visited the mine and told Austin that he should hold on to the property. When Austin offered to pay Hoover for his advice, Hoover stated "That kind of advice is free."[4]

In 1937, a group of Texans place an option to buy the mine for $10,000,000.[5][6]


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    • Variant Name: "Austin Mine", Citation: "Original township survey plats, published in the 1800's. 1947"
  • Jumbo Mine (Westernmininghistory.com) Includes geological references.