John James Thrasher

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John James Thrasher (b.1909 - d.1956) was married to Helen Thrasher.

Vanderburg (1938) and Overton (1947) state that J. J. Thrasher owned property in the Donnelly Mining District[1][2]

A 1953 Nevada State Journal newspaper article says that J.J. Thrasher "owns an interest in the general store, is a partner in the Gerlach-to-Reno truck line, holds the distributorship for an oil company, sells electric power to the residents and has ranching interest." "Until two years ago Thrasher sold his own diesel-generated power to most of the reseidents. Now, however, he purchases electricity from the Sierra Pacific Power Co. and re-sells it for domestic and business use."[3]

The 1940 Census has a record of the Thrashers living in Gerlach in 1935.

Thrasher was a member of the Gerlach-Empire Lions Club and died in 1956.[4]

A photo of John J. Thrasher appears on p. 850 of Nevada, The Silver State," vol. 2, p. 850, Western States Historical Publishers, 1970.


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