John Finley

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John Finley was born on March 29, 1900 in Cedarville, to Fleming C. Finley and Sarah Shackelford. Fleming C. Finley was born in Hardin, Mo. and came west in about 1889, living in Sacrament and Modoc County. He homesteaded 160 acres in 1911 in Hualipi Flats, but was killed (see Shootout at Hualipi Flats) before being able to complete the homesteading. Sarah completed the homesteading with the help of her children.

Finley, bought was is now Bev's Miners Club in 1935 from Violet Collins. At that time, the bar "was in an incomplete state" and Finley finished it. Finley and his wife operated the bar and a retail liquor store at that location. The bar was also known as Finley Bar. Finley sold it in 1939 (probably to Charles Carter) and bought it back in 1964. Between 1939 and 1964, Finley owned a bar in Doyle and also operated an oil business in Fallon.[1][2]


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