Jackalope Bay

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Jackalope Bay is a proposed name of the northeast arm of the small, unnamed playa to the west of the Blue Wing Mountains. The unnamed playa is not Blue Wing Flat.<ref>"What’s in a Name? Meet the Government Employees Who Make the Call," Michael Waters, Smithsonian Magazine, August 1, 2019.</ref>

The idea was to promote the Jackalope, a mythical hybrid of a jackrabbit and an antelope. Naming a bay on a dry lake was considered even more absurd. The location is 40°24'26.0"N 119°01'57.5"W.<ref>"Nevada State Board on Geographic Names Meeting Packet - January 8, 2019 - Reno ". From the 2019 Informational Publication Records.</ref>

The first reading was in January, 2019.<ref>"Nevada State Board on Geographic Names Minutes," January 8, 2019.</ref>

At the second hearing in May 2019, the Nevada State Board on Geographic Names stated that they had received an objection from the Pershing County Commissioners and a motion for a third reading was passed.<ref>"Nevada State Board on Geographic Names Minutes," May 14, 2019.</ref>



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