High Rock Canyon

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High Rock Canyon, Nevada

"It was a singular place to travel through- shut up in the earth, a sort of chasm, the little strip of grass under our feet, the rough walls of bare rock on either hand, and the narrow strip of sky above." -- John C. Fremont, description of High Rock Canyon, 1843

High Rock Canyon Wilderness

  • http://www.nevadawilderness.org/northwest/highrockcyn.htm www.nevadawilderness.org/northwest/highrockcyn.htm -- Friends of Nevada Wilderness The High Rock Canyon Wilderness is painted with layers of white, gray, orange and brown bedding. The bright green of the canyon floors and pockets on the walls contrast with the grey green of sagebrush. A 360 panorama of valleys, terraces and mountain ranges open up vistas 60 miles in all directions. The Wilderness Area's northeast border hits the abrupt edge of High Rock Canyon. Antelope and birds of prey are common here.

East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness



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