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"The Gerlach water tower is a redwood tank 24 feet in diameter with a holding capacity of 44,000+ gallons. The tank is 13 feet in depth and the base sits on heavy timber supports 15 feet above the ground. In greater detail the tank may be described as being constructed of vertical narrow redwood boards secured by round steel bands set every 6 inches over the entire depth of the tank. The tank is topped with a conical cap atop of which is a wooden finial piece. The roofing material is rolled asphaltum."

"The tank is supported by 12 fifteen foot 12"xl2" timbers in the shape of a cruciform sitting on 16"xl6" timber sills. The upright supports are cross braced by 4"x9" timbers. The central 8" steel feed and discharge pipe is housed in frost-proof, walkin box covered with clapboard. The finish of the tank and its supports is barn red. The roof is colored green. The condition of the finish is fair. The discharge apparatus for steam locomotive servicing was located adjacent to the tracks some 150 feet away and not directly opposite the tank."

"The Gerlach water tower was built in 1909 by the Utah Construction Company under contract to the Western Pacific Railroad Company. It was one facility among many others of like design built for the railroad. The Gerlach tower initially served not only the locomotives, but also the town. Gerlach was a company town at this Division Point located in the Granite Creek Desert. A small round house, shops and attendant facilities served the needs of the railroad until 1953." (Source: National Register for Historic Places Nomination Form)


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  • There were reports that a water tower was knocked down:
  • However, these reports were unfounded:
    • "State Capital Creaks," December 21, 1932, Jefferson City Post Tribune. "Residents at Gerlach denied that a water tower in that town had been razed." (and other newspapers)
  • Nevada Historical Society has a possible photo: Railroads 1357 WP 3 men on water tank possibly Gerlach, NV 1911.