Gerlach Post Office

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The old Post Office was at 390 Main St., which is currently the Burning Man office. Helen Thrasher was postmistress for many years. The old post office was also a general store.

The current Gerlach Post Office is at 345 E Sunset Blvd Gerlach, NV 89412, (775) 557-2333.


  • GNIS. As of May, 2013, refers to the old post office location.
  • Helen S. Carson, "Nevada Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary," p 119. "A Nevada post office, established October 27, 1909."
  • Photo of Taylor and Heard Store. The sign says "Gerlach Post Office." The photo is undated, but appears to be from the 1930's.
    • The 1930 Census has Claud H. Heard and Della S. Heard residing in Gerlach. The 1940 census has John James Thrasher possibly arriving in Gerlach 1935.
  • Peggy Trego, "The 40 Wilderness Miles North of Gerlach, Nevada," Desert Magazine, November, 1960. "the post office is in the same building as the store."
  • By the time the movie Far From Home was filmed in 1988, the post office was no longer in that location.
  • RJ Smith, "Speed Freaks," Spin Magazine, Jan. 1998, p 121. "in the back room of the old Gerlach post office, Breedlove..."