Gerlach Land and Livestock Company

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The name of the Gerlach Land and Livestock Company is also reported as the "Gerlach Land and Cattle Company."

Thornton states that after the death of Louis Gerlach, "the Gerlach Land and Livestock was broken up and sold to a man by the name of Ed Waltz." See Gerlach and Waltz Ranch.

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  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Passing of Last Pony Expressman." (Obituary of Louis Dean), March 30, 1913, p. 28. Louis Dean, Louis Gerlach and Henry Flak bought the Ward Brother's Cattle Outfit in 1884. The purchase included water rights from Pyramid Lake to the Oregon border. Louis Dean was not the last Pony Expressman, see Christopher Corbett, "Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express."
  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Stockton Cattlemen Buy Out Nevada Firm," April 11, 1906, p. 5. The Ward Land and Stock Company of Stockton sold all of its ranches and stock to the "Gerlach Live Stock Company" for $100,000. The deal included 5000 acres of ranch land, "several thousand acres of grazing and an immense number of cattle". The buying firm already had ranges near Deep Hole.
  • Helen S. Carson, "Nevada Place Names," p. 119. "Gerlach Land and Cattle Company"
  • Peter Goin, "Black Rock," p. 90 Soldier Meadows "was liquidated in the 1920's and sold off as a core of the Gerlach Land and Livestock Company, owned by Louis Gerlach and later by Ralph Parman.
  • Sessions Wheeler, "The Black Rock Desert," p. 157 The Gerlach Land and Livestock Company was the second largest outfit after Miller and Lux. p. 159: Fred Gerlach ran the company and in the 1940's the property was sold.
  • Appendix to Journals of Senate and Assembly ..., Volume 27, Part 1 Report of the State Board of Agriculture, Pavilion Premium Awards," "The Gerlach Land and Livestock Company" won $1 for third place in Peaches.
  • Clarence. J. Thornton, "Ch. 3: Ranch Life in Northern Nevada and Eastern California," University of Nevada Oral History Project. Thornton uses both terms.
  • "Million Acre Sale is fixed in Nevada," p. 33, October 25, 1952, New York Times. Lawrence Holland sold to David Nemeroff, Arnold Maremont and David E. Bright. Discussion of the cattle and sheep wars and how Gerlach went into the sheep business. Holland bought the ranch from Gerlach's successors.
  • Washoe County, Nevada 1936 Tax List Page 015 Gerlach