Gerlach Geothermal Development Project

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The Gerlach Geothermal Development Project is a Geothermal project that started in 2020.

The project would add two 24 megawatt (total) power plants with 23 wells, 4.6 miles of pipeline, roads and a powerline to the San Emidio Desert plants.[1]

Some Gerlach residents are concerned about the effect the plants and wells would have on the viewshed, night skies and water supplies.

On October 1, 2020, the BLM accepted pre-scoping comments for 60 days.[2]

In 2020, the proposed map showed well pads located on the west side of Highway 34, near Dooby Lane,[1] located at 40° 40′ 43.1″ N, 119° 21′ 40.3″ W in section 3, just north of where 34 crosses the boundary between section 3 and section 10.

On December 10, 2021, the BLM solicited comments on the project[3] and provided a map (reproduced below).

In the December 2021 map some of the proposed well pads moved across Highway 34, away from Dooby Lane.

In August 2022, the BLM solicited public comment on the draft environmental assessment.

Gerlach Geothermal Exploration Map from the December 2021 BLM request for comments.
Ormat Gerlach Proposal Map from 2020.

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