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== See Also ==
* [[Motion Pictures]]
(list is missing, at least, "Far From Home")
(and have no confirmation at all of the "Diamonds Are Forever" reference)
Burning Man Festival, The (1997)
Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock (2005) 7.9/10 (33 votes)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) 6.7/10 (15359 votes)
...aka Ian Fleming's Diamonds Are Forever (1971) (USA: complete title)
Firefall: Road to Burning Man (2004)
Misfits, The (1961) 7.2/10 (3482 votes)
Red Mamba (2002) 8.0/10 (6 votes)
UFOs and the Alien Presence (1992) (V) 3.0/10 (7 votes)
Winning of Barbara Worth, The (1926) 8.0/10 (48 votes)
Working for the Man: The Building, Burning and Disappearance of Black Rock City 2000 (2001)

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