Fern Point Spring

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Fern Point Spring located west of where Highway 34 and High Rock Road intersect.

Fern Point is nearby summit.

The Fernpoint soil series is named after this location. "GEOGRAPHIC SETTING: Fernpoint soils are on lake shore terraces and beach terraces. They formed in alluvium and lacustrine deposits derived from volcanic rocks such as basalt, andesite, and tuff. Slopes are 4 to 30 percent. Elevations range from 1,680 to 1,830 meters. The mean annual precipitation is 250 to 300 mm, the mean annual air temperature is 7 to 8 degrees C, and the frost-free period is 80 to 100 days."<ref>Fernpoint Series</ref>

A 2004 water rights form states that "J.P. Saffores and the Parman Brothers ran livestock in this area as early as 1873."<ref>Proof of Appropriation of Water for Stock Watering Or Wildlife Purposes"</ref>




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    • Variant: "Fernpoint Spring", Citation : "Bureau of Land Management (BLM) maps other than 1:100,000-scale and 1:126,720-scale (1/2 inch = 1 mile). The name and year of publication follow (if known): Salem Westside Recreation Map 1996 Pinto Springs/1971"