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The Farrell Mining District is north east of the Seven Troughs Mining District.[1]

Stuart (1909) writes: "The Rico mine at Farrell continues to be a favorite in the field of speculation. This mine is owned by Charles Myers formerly of Goldfield and his associates. Late last fall some of the most remarkable float was picked up here that was ever found in this or any other country. At first the float appeared as specimens and then in the form of boulders the largest of these weighing between 300 and 400 pounds. This great bulk was assayed and the lowest return received was $400 and the largest $2,400. For a hundred feet of the first find the discoverers continued to pick up this rich stuff but the best was picked up about 500 feet to the east of the big boulders the rock running as high as $50 a ton. A great deal of ground has been prospected by means of open cuts shafts tunnels and drifts. The Rico lies about one half a mile to the west of Farrell and adjoining it is the Rambler property considerable work has been done on this property and several good showings have been encountered."

"The Hero Nevada Mines Company has the most thoroughly developed ground in the Farrell District. It is opened up by means of shafts tunnels drifts and crosscuts. On the Wild Cat claim the shaft has reached the 200 foot level. The vein has been drifted upon for 250 feet from the 80 foot level In this drift is ore which shows as high as $85 per ton."

"W. E. Pruett is going ahead on the Three Wills having enlisted Indiana capital in the enterprise. He is also exploiting another group.

"The Snowsquall is believed to be one of the largest if not the largest low grade propositions in the district. The new shaft will be sunk on the hanging wall of the vein for a considerable part of the 125 feet to which it will be carried before crosscutting. Under the new management this property should be a steady shipper and will unquestionably do much to open up the northern part of the district. Other claims in this district have some very good showings among which may be mentioned the Christmas group and Royal lease."[2]

Lincoln (1923) states that that according to Reid, it was discovered in 1863 by L. H. Egbert and known as the Stone House District, presumably named for Stonehouse Canyon. In 1908, the district was organized as the Farrell district. The principal mine was the Wild Cat Mine, owned by the estate of P. N. Marker from Lovelock[3].


  • Hero Nevada Mines Company[2]
  • Rico Mine[2]
  • Snowsquall[2]
  • Three Wills[2]


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