Elephant Mountain

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Elephant Mountain is the location of the cave looted by Jack Lee Harelson.

  • Citation: GNIS states: "U.S. Geological Survey. Geographic Names Phase I data compilation (1976-1981). 31-Dec-1981. Primarily from U.S. Geological Survey 1:24,000-scale topographic maps (or 1:25K, Puerto Rico 1:20K) and from U.S. Board on Geographic Names files. In some instances, from 1:62,500 scale or 1:250,000 scale maps."
  • Alternate name: Murder Rock. GNIS states: "Degroot's Map of Nevada Territory, exhibiting a portion of southern Oregon and eastern California, with county boundaries, mining districts, etc.: 1863, scale 1 inch=12.25 miles. Warren Holt, Publisher, 305 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif. Entered according to an act of Congress in the year 1862 by Warren Holt in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Northern District of California, R. Jordan."
    • The alternate name Murder Rock also appears on Ransom's 1868 A New Map Of The States Of California And Nevada Exhibiting the Rivers, Lakes, Bays. However, Murder Rock is on the west side of the Black Rock Range, not the east, which is where Elephant Peak is located.
    • Sharetrails: "Morning shadows stretched across the playa as we rolled out of camp. Following Harris north along the Black Rock range and to the ghost town of Hardin City, we veered east into a small box canyon to a site known as Murder Rock, where Harris shared the tale of Pete Lassen's demise."