Duck Flat

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Duck Flat is located south of Wall Canyon and west of Highway 34.

Duck Flat appears in the 1894 Long Valley map[1].


  1. Long Valley, 1:250,000 Map, 1894.


  • NV Panorama atlas duck flat nevada
  • Nevada Commission on Tourism "The Buckhorn Backcountry Byway begins on State Route 447 at the edge of Duck Flat about 40 miles northwest of Gerlach. The single-lane gravel road climbs to a high plateau of sagebrush-covered undulating hills and intermittent lakes. Travelers can see the peaks of the South Warner Mountains to the north. The byway ends at Ravendale on U.S. 395 between Susanville and Alturas, Calif. Along the way, there are good opportunities for wild-horse viewing. Contact the BLM Surprise Field Office, 530-279-6101;, for further details."