Cowles Ranch

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Cowel owned a ranch near Limbo.

A 1874 plat of S15 T30N R24 shows "Gummels House"

A 1910 land patent naming Alex Ranson, Nick Curnow, E. H Cowles and James Raser was granted as a selenite mining placer for these locations

  • NV Mount Diablo 030N - 023½E 5 3602 Washoe
  • NV Mount Diablo 030N - 024E 6 3602 Pershing
  • NV Mount Diablo 031N - 024E 31 3602 Pershing

A Cowels Ranch is shown in a 1954 map as being on the east side of the Selenite Range along old Nevada Highway 48 at S16 T30N R24E[1]

Wheeler states that there was a big Cowels Ranch near Pyramid. [2]

Ray Mosley owned a ranch on the west side of the Selenite Range that consisted of buildings and a Tungsten Mine.


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