Cold Springs Station

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Cold Springs Station was a station on the Chico/Idaho stage line.

A ca. 1864 map held by the Nevada Historical Society shows "Cold Sp."[1]

An 1865 article states that Cold Spring was 22 miles from Granite Creek and 8 miles from Stovepipe Spring.[2]

One source states that it was 20 miles from Granite Creek Station and a further 10 miles to the Flowing Springs Station.[3]

Another source states it was 24 miles from the Granite Creek Station and 12 miles further to the Flowing Springs Station.[4]

Yet Another source states that it was one mile from Granite Creek Station to "The American Desert" and then another 22 miles to Cold Springs Station and then 12 miles to Flowing Springs Station.[5]

These measurements suggest, Cold Springs Station was likely at either Barrel Springs or Whiskey Springs.


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