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Cholona is a railroad siding and ghost town located east of Trego in Pershing County. The 1955 Lovelock 250,000 map indicates that a section house was at Cholona.[1]

The 1914-1915 WPRR Descriptive Time Table states: "Cholona, 460 miles, is the halfway point between Salt Lake City and San Francisco. This stretch of soda and borax country is the east edge of the Black Rock Down; much of the whitish soil is said to be volcanic ash."[2]

WPRR 1910 Timetable showing Cholona
October 1913 map showing Cholona
c. 1914 map of the W.P.R.R. showing Cholona


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  • Dave Basso, "Ghosts of Humboldt region: a glimpse into Pershing County's past," 1970. p. 15. "Cholona is an abandoned railway town..." possibly named for a city in French Cochin China. Basso states that the many Chinese railroad laborers lend credence to this theory.
  • Rufus Wood Leigh, "Nevada place names: their origin and signifance," Deseret News Press, 1964. States that Cholon is the name of a city in French Cochin-China. Wikipedia states: "Chợ Lớn is a Chinese-influenced section of Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon)"
  • Nevada State Journal, Friday, July 18, 1941, Page 5, Mrs. William Killinger of Cholona, Nev, visiting.
  • Reno Evening Gazette, Monday, August 10, 1914, Page 8, "a Greek sectjon foreman on the Western Pacific line at Cholona, near Sulphur"
  • "Four Injured in Collision on Railroad," Reno Evening Gazette, Thursday, April 28, 1910, Page 3. Head-on train collision during a sandstorm between Cholona and "Hot Springs" (presumably Trego).
    • J. F. Gallagher, brakeman, of Winnemucca injured
    • Bert Dyer, engineer
    • Adolph Becker of Winnemucca, hit on the head, expected to die
    • Engineer Baker