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Camp McKee was in use from 1865 to 1866 by the US Army. Today, the location is known as the Granite Ranch. Originally called Detachment at Granite Creek, the Army occupied the Granite Creek Station after Indians burned it and killed its employees.

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  • Colonel George Ruhlen, "Early Nevada Forts," p. 45, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Volume VII, Number 3-4.
  • Indian Campaigns II "... From San Francisco the Regiment (Regiment of United States Dragoons) set out on April 13, 1866 to Camp McKee, Nevada, arriving on June 20th. They stayed there until September 10th when they moved to Camp McGarry, Nevada. ..."
  • BLM, "Environment Assessment, Winnemucca Field Office, Oil and Gas Leasing, September, 2005." "Following the Civil War, the United States created many military outposts in the West to absorb the standing army and protect mail and freight routes in an expanding country. Camp McKee at Granite Creek Station, and Fort McDermitt on the East Fork of the Quinn River were two such military facilities. Located north of Gerlach, Camp McKee was established in 1865 on the 1852 Nobles Route after an Indian raid. Primarily a tent compound, two major stone foundations still remain at the Camp McKee / Granite Creek Station site (Carlson, 1974:161). Like McKee, Fort McDermitt was created in 1865. The abandoned stone, adobe, and frame buildings from the original compound were renovated when the land became part of the Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation in 1889. Several of these structure remain standing (Pahrer, 1970:151)."