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* http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.692288,-118.218598&spn=0.004669,0.009323&t=h&z=17&om=0 maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.692288,-118.218598
The Callahan Bridge near [[Imlay]] is where the [[Applegate-Lassen Trail]] and the [[Nobles Trail]] left the Humboldt River.

=== External Resources ===
* [http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.692288,-118.218598&spn=0.004669,0.009323&t=h&z=17&om=0 Google Maps]
* [http://wikimapia.org/4874712/Callahan_Bridge wikimapia.org]
* Lyn Wilkerson, "[http://books.google.com/books?id=7POEV2_XMDQC&pg=PA224&vq=callahan+bridge&dq=callahan+bridge American Trails Revisited: Following in the Footsteps of the Western Pioneers]," p. 224. 2003.  Brief description of the bridge.
* Everett W. Harris, "[http://books.google.com/books?id=a1t6AAAAMAAJ The Overland Emigrant Trail to California: A Guide to Trail Markers Placed in Western Nevada and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California by the Nevada Emigrant Trail Marking Committee, Inc]," p. 5. 1980.  The Callahan Bridge marks the spot where the Applegate - Lassen - Nobles trail left the Humboldt River.
* [http://nevada.usgs.gov/ADR/surfacewater.cfm?site_no=10333000 nevada.usgs.gov/ADR/surfacewater.cfm?site_no=10333000  River flow from 1 mi upstream from Callahan bridge], [http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nv/nwis/uv/?site_no=10333000 (realtime data)]

* http://wikimapia.org/4874712/Callahan_Bridge wikimapia.org/4874712/Callahan_Bridge
[[Category:Applegate-Lassen Trail]]
[[Category:Nobles Trail]]
* http://terraserver-usa.com/image.aspx?T=1&S=10&Z=11&X=1985&Y=22526&W=2 terraserver-usa.com -- 1994 aerial pic
* http://terraserver-usa.com/image.aspx?T=2&S=11&Z=11&X=992&Y=11263&W=2 terraserver-usa.com -- 1987 topographic map
* http://books.google.com/books?id=7POEV2_XMDQC&pg=PA224&vq=callahan+bridge&dq=callahan+bridge books.google.com -- American Trails Revisited: Following in the Footsteps of the Western Pioneers
pg 224: The Applegate-Lassen Route: ... Callahan Bridge (4 miles west of Imlay on Pioneer Road).  At Callahan Bridge, the road crosses over the Humboldt River and the path of the original trail coming from the east.  A historical monument is located just west of the bridge.
* http://nevada.usgs.gov/ADR/surfacewater.cfm?site_no=10333000 nevada.usgs.gov/ADR/surfacewater.cfm?site_no=10333000 -- HUMBOLDT RIVER NEAR IMLAY, NV (10333000) ... 1 mi upstream from Callahan bridge ...
http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nv/nwis/uv/?site_no=10333000 waterdata.usgs.gov/nv/nwis/uv/?site_no=10333000 -- (realtime data)

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The Callahan Bridge near Imlay is where the Applegate-Lassen Trail and the Nobles Trail left the Humboldt River.

External Resources