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The Callahan Bridge near [[Imlay]] is where the [[Applegate-Lassen Trail]] and the [[Nobles Trail]] left the Humboldt River.
=== External Resources ===
* [,-118.218598&spn=0.004669,0.009323&t=h&z=17&om=0 Google Maps]
* []
* Lyn Wilkerson, "[ American Trails Revisited: Following in the Footsteps of the Western Pioneers]," p. 224. 2003.  Brief description of the bridge.
* Everett W. Harris, "[ The Overland Emigrant Trail to California: A Guide to Trail Markers Placed in Western Nevada and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California by the Nevada Emigrant Trail Marking Committee, Inc]," p. 5. 1980.  The Callahan Bridge marks the spot where the Applegate - Lassen - Nobles trail left the Humboldt River.
* [  River flow from 1 mi upstream from Callahan bridge], [ (realtime data)]
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[[Category:Nobles Trail]]

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The Callahan Bridge near Imlay is where the Applegate-Lassen Trail and the Nobles Trail left the Humboldt River.

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