Calico Hills

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The Calico Mountains are located on the west-north-western edge of the Black Rock Desert Nevada,

bounded by Hualapai Valley on the west, Donneley Peak on the northwest, and the Black Rock Desert playa on the east. -- --

The Calico Mountains & the Calico Complex of Wild Horse Herd Areas

The Calico Mountains area north of Gerlach, NV, is home to a wonderful and unique herd of wild horses. Just like the well-known Kiger, Pryor Mountain, and Sulfur Springs herds, many herd areas in the BLM system have wonderful distinct & unique qualities. The Calico Mountains is one such area - not the same as the Kigers, etc, but deserving of more recognition and careful management, to preserve the uniqueness and high quality of the horses who live here. Learn about these horses and the unique ecological and historical environment that surrounds them.