Blue Wing Mining District

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The Blue Wing Mining District is located at the north end of the Granite Springs Valley in the Blue Wing Mountains.[1][2]

Johnson (1973) writes: "The Staggs district is in the northern Black Mountains, also known as the Bluewing Mountains, in western Pershing County. A small amount of placer gold was recovered during the period 1940-41 from a placer deposit at the northwest end of the mountains (sec. 12, T. 29 N., R. 26 E.). The placer extends north along the major drainage from the Bluewing Mountains."[3]

Chiastolite, which has distinctive cross-shaped graphite inclusions, is found in the area.[4]

Castor and Ferdock state that Chiastolite is found at the Auld Lang Syne Mine in the Blue Wing Mountains, though Carr states that this is incorrect, see Auld Lang Syne Mine for details.[5]

In 2012, USA Graphite had an interest in mining graphite in the area.[6] In January, 2013, it was reported that USA Graphite might be an unwise investment.[7] In February, 2016, USA Graphite was dropped as a security.[8]


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