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Big Canyon Ranch is located west of Big Canyon (Locale). Big Canyon (Locale) was a stop on the Fernley and Lassen Railway, located on the west shore of Pyramid Lake.

Big Canyon Ranch was owned by Patrick I. Flanigan (b. 1860, d. 1920), for whom the town of Flanigan was named.[1]

At one time, the Big Canyon Ranch was owned by cattleman Hiram West. Woon states that West married a daughter of P. T. Barnum[2], which seems unlikely as West married Lillian C. Bailey of Washoe City in 1905.[3] None of Barnum's children had this name. Hiram West died in ca. 1930 and is buried on Tule Mountain.[4]

One source states that David Vernon Shawn-Kennedy bought the ranch in 1931. Shaw-Kennedy served in the British Coldstream Guards in World War I.[5]

However, another source states that a "Mr. Shaw Kennedy", owned the ranch from 1941 until 1949.[6]

Basil Woon stated that at one time, Big Canyon Ranch was owned by an Englishman who thought the Nazis were going to take over the world.[2]

Entertainer Harry Richman owned Big Canyon Ranch from 1949 until 1954. [2]

In 1954, the Capurro Family purchased Big Canyon Ranch.[6]


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External Resources

  • Big Canyon Ranch (Locale) GNIS
  • University of Nevada, Reno. UNRS-P2710-0124," "Lorenzo D. Creel with four men. Man to Creel's right is same man as in photo #29, 30, 31 and 34. Pyramid Lake. Nevada, 1918. [Identification supplied by Paiute elder: Jigger Bob, far right, from Big Canyon; "used to holler around" to show he was coming; Joe Mandel, far left] (See also #5112 and #5308)"